Proposed Upcoming ScareScraper Timer Change
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Proposed Upcoming ScareScraper Timer Change
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Greetings, everyone.

It's been brought to our attention yet again that ScareScraper load times seem to vary drastically, regardless of if the game is on a digital or physical version. With recent measures to check for timer changes in the IL SS boards, this became more of an eye-sore.

As such, we now have a proposed swapping the full SS boards to IGT just like the ILs. This is actually something we've been debating off-and-on for a very long time. IGT in this case would be the addition of all the results-screen times from each floor into one big time. It would remove all load times and results screen checks from the timer.

The proposed solution to fix the current runs on the board is simple. If we go through with this, we will alter the top 3 runs of each part of ScareScraper to IGT. All future runs will need to use IGT. If your run is not within the top 3 of any given ScareScraper subcat, you can simply edit the run with the IGT and we will review and verify it. This is to keep the workload light while accurately reflecting the top times. The boards will look slightly jank because of this, but it is what it is.

We will accept any feedback or additional ideas regarding this until Wednesday, Dec 15th, 12:00AM EST. After this, we will begin to make the changes and will enforce the new IGT rule if there are no objections.

Nothing else will change regarding ScareScraper at this time.

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Arkansas, USA

Unfortunate timing to spent $50 to get the same load times as other people lol.

Regardless even since updating my setup, load times have still been all over the place. Last week it took 30 seconds from starting the run for floor 1 to load on one of my runs. I think this move is for the best.

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Manitoba, Canada

I think this is quite an exciting change! Now I won't have to worry about having to reset because of long loading times. But I do have one question though regarding multiplayer runs. There have been times where the in-game timer isn't always the same on everybody's perspective. This doesn't happen often for me, but it does occasionally happen. And I'm just wondering what would we do if one's recording is faster than the other? Which run would we submit, or what would we do if IGT doesn't match between all players?

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We would treat this similar to how we treat the ILs. In a 2P~4P team, we will believe in good faith that you are submitting the slowest possible time for yourselves. In the event a WR was tied by a matter of seconds we may re-review the footage to check for player-entry lag that would cause the offset of IGT that you mention, and fix it appropriately if possible.

Obviously, this can't work if the floor spawns people alone instead of as a group, and at that point we can't really do anything. However, in a scenario like this, this would still at the very least reduce the possible offset from "lag/loads" from its potential 4-16 seconds per floor, to just 1 second per floor.

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West Midlands, England

Will the ScareScraper times be fully IGT or will it be both IGT and RTA?

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Only the IGT will be displayed on the rankings list. As much as we'd like both to be displayed, SRC has the option for IGT vs. RTA as a "all or nothing" deal. So if we enabled it for ScareScraper, it'd enable it for EVERY category in the game.

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Pennsylvania, USA

I am curious how this will impact timing for 200%. Will it all be RTA or a mix of both?

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Currently it will not impact 200% and that will continue to use RTA.

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi, I am new to this game and to speed run. May I ask here about how to record a valid video for speed run? May I just put a camera in front of my screen and record whole process? I do not quite understand IGT or RTA mentioned above:(

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yes, a camera is just fine. we do not care for HD footage, only readable footage. As long as we can make out what is going on, it's fine.

IGT vs RTA... IGT = "In-Game Time" RTA = "Real Time Action"

IGT normally will not count load times, or times where the player may otherwise not be in control of the game and is just waiting, while RTA will count all of the time spent from the start of the run to the end of the run.

In the case of Luigi's Mansion 3, we use RTA for everything except ScareScraper now. For ScareScraper, you'd get your speedrun time by adding together all of the times on the top-left corner of the results screen of each floor of the mode.

If you do not intend to run ScareScraper (terror tower, etc.) then do not worry about this.

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi, thank you so much for your explanation. Following your guidance, I have uploaded 5F/10F/20F videos with IGT. Thank you again for managing the community, merry Christmas.

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