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It looks like changes have been made to this rule recently meaning that any softlocks or crashes are no longer removed from the final time. This meant that Herasmie's freeplay WR is now his old time and my NG+ PB is 2 mins off WR. This has been a controversial rule and personally i think there should have been a community vote on it. Can one of the mods please check this rule change and explain the reason behind it?


I have created huge shitstorms to remove it twice, because the rule should not have existed in the first place. One of the guys who originally suggested it, retracted it during one of them. The community for this game was absolutely tiny to begin with, and nowadays all of them are either gone or working on other projects (mostly because this wasn't their main project to begin with).

Keep in mind that they left before any rules were changed though, so effectively, there was no community to "vote" on this in the first place.

The removal comes down to this; Any credible speedgame, stable or not, should always time by RTA rules. Any removal of time from the run, for no matter the reason, automatically downgrades it to a TA run, which in the purpose of any arbitrary RTA leaderboard, doesn't make sense.

Furthermore, how to apply the rule was extremely unclear, especially for softlocks. Do you remove from the point of softlocking? Do you remove time for the entire section? Nobody knew! As such, one time, which happened to be WR at the time, was submitted and the time removed did not reflect the rules stated (based on some interpretations). My point is this; Rules should set an objective standard. If the application of the rule is up to interpretation, then that is not an objective standard.

Not even to mention the potential ways to abuse the rule.

So I removed it. All runs are therefore timed using RTA conventions (obsoleted runs have not been retimed though because I was lazy).


Take everything @TSG said and make that my opinion as well. The rule made no sense and I am glad it is gone


Fair enough, I also thought the rule was weird when I first saw it as no other game I know has this. Although it is annoying to lose a PB/WR pace run to something out of your control, it is no different to losing a run to RNG. I also agree that it can be abused a lot, for example intentionally softlocking when a trick has taken too many attempts so the section can be redone