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Can someone please tell he how the hell that log skip thing is supposed to work? I have tried to get it to work consistently for hours, but i never seem to be able to get it to work apart from being lucky and not understanding what it takes to launch myself up in the sky.


the tree launch? if so you roll on to the tree walk into the corner of the tree for about 7 seconds and then stop moving


Yes it's that inconsistent, 1 in 50 tries if you're lucky, not recommended unless you're after the best possible time. You just have to hope when you fall in, it launches you out, (assuming over 90 framerate)


Do all of the trick and skips in the game have that high inconsistency? I am just wondering since i thought this game might be fun to run, but if almost every trick involves an immense amount of luck i might not want to invest more time into it than its actually worth.


The launches and various things, like fish grab in Taming Gollum are dependent on having a high fps, I don't know the exact rate needed for each one, (I said 90 but it might be more), the launch at the start of tracking hobbits is the easiest to get (that's in ASM NG+) others are more specific like in Caradhras and require more precise angles to get the right launch, but they're not like the black riders one which is nearly random


I find having a second character blocking the character skimming around in the gap helps. This is the only trick in the run which I have not found a consistant trick for. If you look at my wr run on coop you willl find that we stand in precise positions for some of the skips. Although if you are playing solo that is not very helpful. For the tree skip I roll into a precise spot where the first character starts 'floating' and then switch to a second character to keep the first character in that position. In regards to the fish ledge grab I dont start tapping b until I am already under it.


I think most tricks in this game are consistent but takes a bit of time finding the setup for them. After that you can generally get each trick 1st or 2nd try (with the exception of Osgiliath wall clip, fish grab and log launch). The fish grab I have not tried, but the log launch is purely collision based, so really it is just how the game deals with the situation. The main thing for me on all launches and collisions is to minimize lag, as the game tends to drop collision then leading to bad launches. Not sure about how much of an effect fps has, but my bad PC can still get a lot of the tricks anyway at maybe 30 fps. Setup is definitely key, so take some time experimenting with the tricks before deciding whether to run the game