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Took me a while to realize but, due to not grabbing two marbles (1 @ 105 & 1 @ 115, wastes time, good ending is still doable BTW), I have reverted my run (on the YT video's title and description) to count as Any% rather than 100%. Please modify the leaderboard to reflect the change. Sry ppl...
Also if wanted, please attribute the run to this account, since I will be using it to submit my runs in the future. Thanks in advance...


Are the marbles valuable collectibles somehow, or just ammunition?

I changed the category names a while back as 100% is a little more clear that you need to get all the phone calls for the Wii version -- playing in Dark Mode disables phone calls but gives good ending by following a bad ending route. If that doesn't really fit how the Steam version plays (i don't have it), category names are just semantics and I can reword them for the steam version.

I'll attribute the run to you and mod you, so you can fiddle with the leaderboard as you deem fit if you like. If not, no obligation or anything, you can tell me what would work best for the Steam version and I'll make it happen.


Thanks for the mod rights. From my experimentation, there is no Dark Mode in non-Wii versions. IMO this is how I would split the categories for this demake (both Mobile & PC platforms):
Any% Bad: The fastest run WITHOUT breaking all records (time or steps or both)
Any% Good: The fastest run (with ignoring some items, 2 on PC & more on Mobile ports, due to a certain glitch on those) WITH breaking all records (both time & steps, the usual requirement for unlocking Rachel here)
As for hundo I believe only good ending is possible, since beating all records IS a requirement here (thus Rachel gets unlocked due to the run's nature, and after doing so there is no Dark Mode, or anything else to unlock afterwards). Plus I also believe collecting all items also counts towards the hundo, thus my "demotion" here.
The only major difference between Mobile & PC versions is that after beating all records Rachel gets unlocked on the latter (due to being a PC-exclusive addition). Thus IMO there is no difference in how to do a hundo run between said platforms. Also no need for repeat as Rachel in a run (a la Ghosts & Goblins NES) 'cause records remain regardless of character, plus (repeating myself, but oh well) there is nothing else to unlock even if doing so. Just my 2c...