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I did see in the other post that you would accept screenshots of a leaderboard.
Hypothetically my time would be better if I just sended a screenshot of my best time instead of posting a video.

Therefore I would suggest that we make a Leaderboard of Hardcore Mode as well. Its actually a lot harder cause you must not die in the game. More than once i died in the last level, but that makes the experience even better if you succed.

I think the internal timer makes your time faster cause it wont count the waiting time changing the levels.

Btw. Im new to this site. What does IL means?


Hey, with the other post I made about the screenshots, it was only meant for ILs. (I should have clarified)
IL means 'Indiviual Level', that means in this case its when you only play one level as fast as you can, not the whole game.

Thanks for your suggestion, however I believe its not that nessecary for a completly new leaderboard,
as it has basically the same goal, but with a twist; its your choice if you want to play in Hardcore or not.
If you want a faster level switch you have to hardcore mode if you want to be safe, play in normal mode.
Real Time is used because the normal mode doesn't have a internal timer 🙂 Its the timing-rules.

Have a great day, hope I could explain it to you 🙂


Actually he makes a good point simply because many levels can be completed significantly faster by taking advantage of strategic deaths (e.g., die at a spot that resets the obstacle to a perfect spot instead of having to wait 5 seconds for a revolution). However, I think until it becomes a problem there is no need for separate leaderboards.


I totally desagree. I think it would be most fair cause you can not take so many chances as you can in normal route and i think its 2 really different things.

If you look at a game like Limbo they have 4 different routes and actually here in Leo's Fortune this is a part of the game and we can collect the leaderboards of different platforms and see how many whos done in hardcore so i think it would be pretty fair to have 2 leaderboards here. Thats just mine opinion.

But okay we are not that many yet so we can see what other people say as well


I also agree. There should be 2 categories ("Any%" and "Any% NG+")