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Hi guys, for those of you who don't know, my name is Enkidu and I run Leo on a regular basis on my Twitch stream ( as well as off-stream. I'm active in the Discord and I play this game quite a bit!

As we all know at this point, there are several major glitches that are only possible on one distinct platform: Android.

My concern with this is that it renders world-record pace irrelevant on any platform that isn't Android, and that it requires us as runners to spend extra money on capture devices or adapters (if we stream or play with a controller) or to re-learn the game on mobile in order to compete with this.

While we're a small community, we still have a minority of runners who play this game on Android as far as competition goes. I don't feel it's fair to those of us who play this game on a regular basis to be forced onto one platform that may not fit well with our streams or recording methods in order to compete. I, personally, can't currently afford the equipment in order to improve and compete at a WR-pace level (which is what I'm working towards, on my Twitch).

I strongly suggest one of the following:

1) Separate Android runs from other platforms in order to provide other platforms a fair and equal ground to compete for world records;

2) Separate major glitch runs from other runs, including all glitches that are only possible on one platform.

I've received quite a bit of feedback from dozens of my viewers, who all agree that it's odd that these categories aren't separated yet, and that it forces runners into a specific platform that they may not be able to run on in order to compete with WR.

Please respond with your personal opinions or feedback on these suggestions!


Separating the category's by platform is fine but if we do make android the default category because it's faster


I don't think any platform should be a default category in itself at all.

In a situation like this, a game's categories - in my opinion - would ideally be separated between Any% and Any% No Major Glitches, which is the case with nearly every other speedgame that has platform-exclusive skips. A fantastic example would be ALTTP any%.

Don't split the categories by platform, otherwise that wouldn't solve the problem - which, in this case, is having skips that are exclusively possible on Android but not on any other platform at all. That would only make the issue worse.

I firmly believe that having separate categories for skips that can only be done on a phone or phone emulator would be in the best interest of the leaderboards here.


To clarify, the dominant category in this case would be whichever one is run the most by the community's players, as opposed to "whichever one is faster" - if the community adapts to android, great! if not, that's fine too


I think it's best to have a 2 subcategory game with "HD" and "Mobile". The main category choice doesn't matter too much but my preference would be for HD to be the main category because of there being more runners for it.

And to clarify which platforms are which. Mobile would be Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Ouya versions of the game. HD would be PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac versions.

For those uninformed, The reason for the HD name is because of the "HD Remaster" the next gen versions went through that also added some new collisions, most notably in level 18 that made the level 18 skip impossible on the HD versions.

Edit: A No major Glitches run would only have the benefit of having mobile players be able to do all categories. From an HD player's perspective, it would be the same either way.


If your going the split the categorys do It by platform because level the 19 skip is possible on HD just alot harder not to mention android and ios load faster than HD


I said 18, not 19. The skip on 18 where you float through the whole level isn't possible on HD. Also the older models of PS4 have the slowest loading time out of my devices. (Gaming laptop, LG G5, PS4). The loading time is directly affected by the specific device and not which version of the game is being run. A Samsung S9+ Will load the game much faster than a PC with the minimum system requirements.


I know you said 18 I'm talking about the under the 1st blade skip in 19 which is much harder in the HD version if it's not divided by platform loads and 19 skip will still make it unfair