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Hi guys - this is a rule which we need to look into, whether it is valid or not.

It is for IL runs only. The reason it is not used in standard runs is that it does not save any time RTA (it actually loses time).

At certain locations, you can die. If you press pause on the SAME FRAME as dieing, you will respawn, you will be paused, but it the environment will continue. While you are paused, the in-game timer does not continue.

This means you can respawn on a platform and it will move. You will move through the level while the timer is not operating.

These have not been used yet. Here are 3 places they can be used. The first doesnt save time. The 2nd and 3rd do.

The 3rd one lets the lava be moved to open the new gate while the timer is not operating.

Should this be allowed:

Option 1: Yes.

Reason: ILs go off in-game timer no matter what. These are frame-perfect tricks so add another level of difficulty.

Option 2: No.

Reason: It is not increasing speed, it is actually decreasing RTA speed to stop the timer. Also we may not want a frame perfect trick to make a valid run.

Option 3: Adjust times to always be non-paused time.

Add the amount of time that the game was paused onto the run time in the leaderboards.

Everyone please vote below.


Well. For me all things would be ok. I actually think my time in level 16 has a pause skip in the end.

As long anybody agree i would agree to that as well.

Do you know about the big glitch skip in Leo's Storm, level 18? I was thinking about doing it in a Hardcore mode just to get the internal timer as fast as possible, but it would be understandable to not use it in a speedrun, but as long theres no rule for it I would might use it.

But actually I think its only possible on Android.



Yes I know of the level 18 skip. This is 100% fine to do. This is a pure speed-tech situation and there is no downside to doing it.

If Android/IOS is the quickest version then that is fine, people not running on Android are just at a disadvantage.

Saying that for an any% run, I think it would even out. Android/IOS has the level 18 skip and I think has easier box double-jumps (I think this has to do with frame-rates). PS4/PC has quicker loading times.


Okay nice to know. But there might actually be a downside. If you dont do it perfectly you are trapped and can do nothing.

I also think some things are easier on PC/PS4 cause your can see a lot more off the screen so sometimes it is an advange and I notisfied that in level 8 you can jump out the picture.

So small different hist and there.


Yeah I've noticed you cant see a lot on your videos. It makes it look more impressive because obstacles appear much quicker.

Have you thought of doing a non-hardcore any% run? It is much more forgiving so you can try riskier strats.


Seems like everyone agreed on option 1, so ILs go off in-game timer no matter what. The rules have kinda been adjusted to include this "pause skip".
In case someone has anything to add, you can still do it here.