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Okay so with research on my LG G5 android phone, My Asus ROG Strix GL753VE-DS74 laptop, and my Stock Playstation 4 model CUH-1115A. I have noticed discrepancies with timing. Mainly in the loading screens. PC version and Android Version load almost identically with small time differences between however PS4 lags far behind in loading time. so here's the options

We have IN GAME TIME, set as the main timing method. This would only include time recorded in the in game timer. So map selection screens, loading screens and pauses won't count. All existing times will have a calculated in game time assigned to it and all future runs will have in game times added or submitted with the runs. This however may change rankings and make submitting a more complicated task.

Secondly we have IN GAME TIME, set as a secondary timing method with RTA Staying the primary timing method. This will ensure that our times and rankings stay the same while In game time could still be compared. this could be the simplest way of implementing in game time without making it the primary timing method. All full game runs will still be ranked by RTA.

lastly we have nothing changes and RTA stays as the primary timing method with no implementation of IN GAME TIME at all. This will ensure all our times and rankings are the same as before. However some players (Namely Covert) will have a disadvantage in timing.

EDIT: Proof of loading time differences ( )

So you vote in this thread by replying a number for the following

1-Implement In Game Time as the primary timing method
2-Implement in Game time as a secondary timing method
3-Do not implement In Game Time at all


I think we should have IL leaderboards and a hardcore leaderboard only.


we do have IL leaderboards.

EDIT: and on the topic of HC leaderboard, Nik is adamant about them being together