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Hi guys - this is a rule which we need to look into, whether it are valid or not.

It is for IL runs only. The reason it is not used in standard runs is that it does not save any time RTA.

When you finish levels 16 and 20, you can pause the timer. In level 16, you pause the timer when you land at the end. You wait about 5 seconds and it finishes the level (saves about 5 seconds)

On level 20, you pause when you hit the switch, you pause. You wait 40 seconds and it finished the level (saving 40 seconds).

How it works is it stops the in-game timer, however the end of level timer keeps going?

Here is it in action:

My run was not great - however it blows away everyone on the leaderboard.

Kongsbirk has also used it partially in level 16.

Should this be allowed:

Option 1: Yes.

Reason: ILs go off in-game timer no matter what. It has already been used by Kongsbirk.

Option 2: No.

Reason: It is not increasing speed, it is just pausing it. Everyone's run would have to be rerun to include this new timer stop.

Option 3: Adjust times to always be non-paused time (or paused time).

If I get a 2:44 using the pause skip, the time on the leaderboard is 3:24.

Everyone please vote below.


Seems like everyone agreed on option 1, so ILs go off in-game timer no matter what. The rules have kinda been adjusted to include this "pause skip".
In case someone has anything to add, you can still do it here.