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So they're NOT totally identical...

Wife's Trail OOB appears to be fixed on PC. I just die there.

So I did some slight digging. Not all platforms got all updates, which is to be expected of PC/PS4/Bone vs. mobiles, but there's discrepancies between the mobile OSes too. Versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 were only made available for iOS -- the latest for Android is 1.0.4 which has the Wife's Trail OOB. Didn't look at WinPhone. PC EXE doesn't have versioning metadata. I'd venture a guess the rerelease used 1.0.6 as a base and the OOB may be fixed on iOS too.

This makes me wonder. Could we possibly find APKs for 1.0.0 ~ 1.0.3? If possible, we should investigate what's changed and whether it could be exploited.

While we're at it, I noticed Skippy's video is 30fps. Is that just the capture being what it is or is the game actually running half framerate? It's 60 on PC and Android.


That is just the capture, the game is 60fps.