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I know that NG+ has been suggested a few times but what about a 100% run. These runs will require you to get 3 stars on all levels and collect all cogs. All levels will have to be done flawlessly, within par-time and with all coins and cogs collected. Estimated WR time after optimisations would probably be around 49 Minutes.

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If you wish to run this category there is no reason to not add it 🙂
So see that as an - Accepted 😃
Just write any ideas, other suggestions etc here


also, I know people have been bothering you about the NG+ category but just to show who did HC I would love to see it be an extra variable that would be added. I think you would have to edit all the runs and submission that were submitted previous to the change. but it would be great. It's on the bottom of the "edit game" screen and works great for variables in games like journey. In journey the admins didn't see much of a reason to add "glitchless" as a category so they added it as a variable.


'NG' is when the game is completly fresh, no save files etc (NewGame)
'NG+' is a already completed game and you just play the levels again, selecting them individually (NewGame+) 🙂

Uh okay didn't know.. Mode Variable is now for Any% only!


Uh, I don't know what NG stands for, but I thought one was for level selecting each level individually and one was for playing through all levels on hardcore mode... Maybe I'm confused.


One more thing, can you make 100% level categories? Thanks