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Due to the overwhelming number of versions of this game, and the fact that they all slightly vary from one another in a number of ways, I will be adding each console as a category on an on-demand basis. If you'd like to run this game on any console not currently listed, please let me know in this thread so I can do the appropriate research to create things correctly.


Please add SNES to Fun, Tricky, Taxing, Mayhem and All 120 Levels.

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SNES is actually 125 levels. So will add, and then give me a couple days to enter all the levels for the SNES.


125 Levels is up, and SNES has been added to all Difficultly segmented categories. Will have the SNES levels up when I get the chance.

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So, went ahead and condensed all the Full Game runs into a single categories marked with sub categories for each platform. Just made sense when I was thinking about it; and makes it look a lot cleaner.

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