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PHT = Peppers House Teleport

Several times in the run you teleport to Pepper's house to gain time advantages, but a lot of the time it has a chance at crashing your game, here's how to fix that.

First things first in your mod loader, make sure you're set resolution is a step below what your screen resolution is.
For example: My screen is 1600 x 900 so I brought it down to 1366 x 768.

Next make sure in your games properties, under the compatibility you have "Disable fullscreen optimizations" on. (I'm not sure if it does much, but I have it on anyways.) You don't have to have admin mode on but don't have compatibility mode on as it adds a second or two to loading screens.
also be sure under "Change high DPI settings" that you have "High DPI scaling override" on and set to "System".

This actually helped me stop crashing on PHT's and maybe crashes in general. Hope it helps y'all.