Any%(No Gambling) - Step by Step learning guide (Former WR route)

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Legend of the Mystical Ninja - SNES - Any%(No Gambling)

*These notes were made using the former WR Video for Any%(No Gambling) - Formarly Low% category by Matchboxmatt - - Strats performed, and money at time of start of levels are all according to his run on - Money at start of level is just for reference.

These are also made for a beginners perspective who is familiar with the run already. This assumes you take no damage on the overworld sections and you manage your money and weapons exactly as Matt's run does

For more advanced and newer strats, refer to Zockerstu, or Teleo1 run!

Also apologize for any spelling errors 🙂

⦁ Go left and up - Kill one enemy and get coins
⦁ Jump and throw coin at top of the screen to collect secret prize - Go into temple start platforming section
⦁ Jump and attack enemies on the way - Shoot coin at fire past first pit get weapon upgrade - Platform to the top ring bell once all fireballs on screen
⦁ Head back to the right and kill enemies along the way - Jump on diagnal movement go down - Head left then go into store(purple curtain)
⦁ Buy 2 sandals (can buy more to stack incase of accidental hit in overworld but be mindful of coins if that's the case - also can buy sushi, or pizza in US version as a safety as well - this food will refill your life one time if you run out completely. If you plan to buy extra safeties then get more coins by killing enemies on the first screen)
⦁ Jump over barrels - Go into travel store (green curtain) and buy Package A - End Level

⦁ Go left at start and then down path by the dog
⦁ Go left then first up - Kill enemies along the way
⦁ Go straight up get hidden treasure in the tree - then go left
⦁ Attack hidden door on the left to enter treasure area
⦁ Go left and break pot to collect money - then go right and collect money bag in first cutout area - skip the next 2 pots and go through the door
⦁ Head left after exit - kill enemies along the way - go all the way to the left and then exit screen at the bottom
⦁ Kill all enemies aroung the tent structure going counter clockwise - door will open once all enemies are defeated - 2 more will spawn do not need to kill these
⦁ Destory 2 pots in boss room - Top one has weapon upgrade do not get unless on level one weapon still - Bottom pot on right side has powerup - Get powerup to yo-yo AFTER boss fight

⦁ Stay to the bottom of the bridge - jump and kill green enemies along the way 5 total
⦁ Switch to coins and kill remaining enemies quickly in a row (3 masked enemies)
⦁ Go to right of door and attack to collect hidden treasure - go through door
⦁ Go immediately up left - then up right - then straight up - should be on vertical bridge - Go to the right attack and get hidden treasure
⦁ Stay to right side of bridge past the octopus - then center and jump kill enemies along the way until the end -- NO BOSS FIGHT

⦁ Go along cost and jump kill all enemies along the way - should have yoyo here still - screen transition to the top at the end of first screen
⦁ Attack door on second building and go into treasure area
⦁ Go around to the top left and collect treasure bag - proceed to right and exit top door at end of screen
⦁ Go right and exit bottom at end of screen -- Next screen, head right and enter building
⦁ START PLATFORMING SECTION - Jump over handstand enemies at the start(2) jump over pit and jump kill hanging enemy - jump over handstand enemy and jump kill hanging enemy again - Jump over rolling enemies and jump kill hanging enemy - jump over last enemy and reach end of first screen
⦁ Jump on switch to change screen and exit right -- Switch to coins, shoot coin and jump over first set of spikes, jump second spikes, jump and shoot over pit - Jump over next 2 spikes and shoot and jump over third spike -- kill enemy if coin did not kill the enemy in front - jump over 2 pits and exit screen -- Jump on 2 switches and exit right
⦁ Jump over first pit then jump on top of small platform - full jump to next small platform then full jump off - jump and revese damage boost off of spikes - jump over enemy and slide under next 2 spikes - Jump halfway down big slope and shoot coin to slow down rolling enemy - slide under double spike and jump over rolling enemy - slide under last spike and transition below
⦁ Kill enemy - hit switch and exit left -- Go past first spining pillar go to second pillar and hesitate until platform rotates over and jump up
⦁ Quick jump to the right two times - jump to right on platform on spinning pillar then jump up to next platform to the left - Go immediately to the right and jump up 6 platforms on spinning pillar - jump up to ledge break both pots and collect what was inside
⦁ Jump off platform on spinning pillar and jump up 2 platforms then exit screen to the left
⦁ Jump on second to last switch then up to red platform - Jump on first switch then single switch then jump from the third switch to the next red platform - Off red platform onto middle switch then up to next red platform - Off red platform to third switch in then up to next red platform - Off red platform to third switch in then up to next red platform again - Jump off switches and exit screen left
⦁ Switch to coins - alternate right and left shooting coins to kill both sumo enemies then start boss fight - 4 coins each - do not take damage!

⦁ Stay low on screen and jump kill enemies along the way - watch out for shooting babies! wait until you reach wooden bridge - jump kill enemies on the bridge - go all the way to the top after the bridge - jump attack the mailbox at the end of the screen to collect secret treasure - then head down - watch for falling rocks
⦁ Hug right side of screen until you can proceed to the right then hug the top of the screen - keep eye out for boars coming out of the caves
⦁ Go up and to the right while jumping - WATCH FOR BOARS - line up with slope of grass and go up right while jumping still until you reach vertical section with the trees - Pause under trees that enemies pop out of and attack to kill them - Go through door to next platforming seciton
⦁ Jump over first 4 running enemies - jump kill 5th - Go down and to the left slide through and transition through hole in the floor
⦁ Jump off of first rotating platform to the second and rotate over - repeat on the next set and the third
⦁ Short jumps over the spikes then repeat steps for rotating platform section - short hop over first pit - hesitate and proceed after cannonball has passed - destroy pot and slide under to the right
⦁ Wait until yellow ball is halfway down then jump up and run to the left to get on next yellow ball - Full jump at top of balls path to the next yellow ball - walk off onto square platform then full jump onto moving platform - jump off of next moving platform and proceed to the left
⦁ Switch to coin fall off of box and shoot coin at first enemy then run under remaining enemies as they jump
⦁ Jump onto Yellow ball and run to ball on the left and jump to next yellow ball at top - wait for balls to fall and walk to left side ball - jump off of left side ball at top onto square platform in middle then jump to the next platform and jump up boxes
⦁ Wait until ball is halfway down and jump up and walk to right side ball - jump to left side ball and then immediately to right side ball at top then jump up to moving platform - jump up 3 boxes until you reach the next platform
⦁ Pass the pot jump kill first enemy - slight hesitation at pit and jump kill enemy in the window - jump kill next enemy and switch to coin - shoot coin switch back to staff - jump kill enemy over the pit and enemy on ground - jump on first box hesitate then jump kill 2nd window enemy and switch to coin - shoot coin then jump over pit shooting coin into window enemy on the way up - jump on box shoot coin then jump over final pit exit right
⦁ Boss room - kill first 2 enemies with staff start with right and alternate hits 2 hits per enemy to kill - switch to coins repeat process enemies will jump on second hit - start boss fight on top of kite and work down use staff hits

⦁ Start go up into the store with red curtain - Buy first item and leave store - need $1000 to buy the item
⦁ Go to the left and up through screen transition -- jump and head to the left and up the screen transition -- jump up and head to the left and up the screen transition again -- entil next platforming section
⦁ Start running to the left jump over first monkey - jump straight up before heading left killing monkeys that get in the way - jump over monkeys or kill if they high jump, and continue to head to the left. - Platform up the small plartforms kill the birds if they get in your way - jump on the nose and head of statue switch to coins - throw 2 coins at birds in the way and continue left to the end of the screen to the waterfall section
⦁ Start heading left and hesitate until the first platfor is visible past the waterfall, jump onto platform and wait until it recedes back into the waterfall - Jump up onto left platform then right then proceed up the screen killing enemies along the way with coins - exit screen left

⦁ Jump down and to the left and proceed left jumping over obsitcles and killing enemies that get in the way - Transition screen up where the red gate is - Enter platforming section
⦁ Water is tricky! Do not mash to get out of water try to jump as soon as possible avoiding enemies along the way - hesitate and slowly press jump to get out - Head to the right walk onto boat and full jump into the water - jumping and avoiding enemies as you head right - jump onto the pier killing last bird, and slide all the way through - kill any fish in the way jump and kill last bird
⦁ Jump off end of pier past first raft onto the second then jump to the third, forth, then jump onto tiny platform - jump up to big platform and destroy enemy and first pot - collect money inside - full jump off of tiny platform onto the next large platform
⦁ Full jump onto the next 2 tiny platforms then jump onto floating pillar - jump to second floating pillar and hesitate then full jump to let pillar reach height to where you can jump onto large floating pillar - kill enemy on the way up - full jump off of end of large pillar to top pier platform
⦁ Jump over hermit crab then jump onto first floating pillar - jump up killing crab on pillars and continue to the right landing on the pier platform - jump up slide under bird jump over fish and jump onto wheel platform - jump off end of wheel platform into the water - jump twice killing fish on the way up and jump onto the pier platform
⦁ Jump onto red balls doing low jumps along the way - jump into water and jump across to next pier platform - jump over hermit crab then jump off of pier onto box platform - jump across to each platform killing the fish on the way up if needed - jump into water under bird then jump onto next ground platform - jump over crab slide under bird and end level to the boss fight

⦁ Head left then immediately up through screen transition -- head to the right and kill enemies that get in the way and head up through screen transition at the top by the fence -- Jump up and head to the right attack the statue at the end to reveal hidden entrance and enter treasure cave
⦁ Go down and to the right jump up and get money in first pot - jump up and grab treasure bag - pass the next pot - jump up and break the next pot and collect money inside - exit screen through the door -- head to the left attack last statue and enter next treasure cave
⦁ Collect treasure bag on the left - break next 2 pots on the bottom and collect money inside - proceed to the right jumping over rocks as needed head to top of screen - when you pass section with big cluster of rocks go down and jump through clear spots on the bottom left to collect treasure back at bottom of rock cluster - head back right and up and break next pot and collect money - leave through exit door at end of screen
⦁ Attack statue immediately to the right and enter next treasure cave - Go up and to the left breaking pot and collect money - then head right and break that pot as well - Head down then to the right to collect money in pot then go back up and to the right skip next 2 pots - go up and right to exit the screen -- NEED TO HAVE OVER $1,000 at this point
⦁ Head right then up through screen transition at top of the screen -- Head to the right killing enemies along the way then head up through screen transition -- Head up into building - Switch to coins then start heading left - jump and throw a coin right before you pass the second red pillar in the building to kill first enemy with the mask - switch back to staff and kill all other enemies that get in the way - Pass the "main" door and go into next entrance you see at the top
⦁ In the shop buy the red book at the end and exit shop - head back to the right and enter the "main" door - head to the left past the bear -- continue left - there will be 4 red pillars in the foreground of the screen once you reach behind the 4th one and you start to poke out the left side, turn back and head right - this skips the cutscene and you can proceed to the next section - head right to leave the area back to the overworld
⦁ Head to the right killing enemies along the way then head down through screen transition -- switch to coins then head left - jump and throw coin right before you pass white sign then switch back to staff - attack the middle statue to reveal the entrance to the next platforming level -- head to the left past the bear
⦁ Head to the left up the ramp and then down the ramp do not slow down - jump over first pit then jump over 2 red rolling enemies - start sliding across all the bridges to aviod enemies and exit screen left -- keep going left down the ramp and jump up to the ladder - hesitate slightly to avoid fire then jump up to next ladder - jump up second ladder onto rotating platform then jump up to next ladder - jump up the ladders to the next rotating platform - keep going all the way to the top them attack the right side of screen to transition to next area
⦁ You should be behind the level and starting elevator sequence - stand in middle of elevator avoiding falling enemies and kill them as they land - collect coins - DO NOT UPGRADE WEAPON - should be on second staff - you can jump up and attack up to kill the blobs faster but be careful not to pick up weapon upgrade - run to the left as the elevator makes it to the top and exit screen
⦁ Start heading to the right - switch to coins and throw to kill first enemy - jump over first pit and switch to staff kill second enemy - platform over the small pillars quickly before enemies can climb up - Jump onto every one along the way until reaching the red platform - jump over pit and first enemy kill second enemy on the way down - jump onto ramp and kill enemy below - jump over enemy onto next ramp and switch to coins and jump off the top of the ramp and shoot coin to kill enemy ahead - jump over pot then jump over enemy - jump over final pit and enemy and exit screen right
⦁ Fall down after lifesavers boss - stay to left side of screen to land on moving platform
⦁ Stay on front of moving platform - platform will head down a long ramp heading to the right - stay on platform over first pit - jump off of platform over 2nd pit and jump onto next moving platform - stay on forn and duck under pillars that come down - jump over tiny platforms that are in the way - duck again on front of platform to go under next pillar than immediately jump over tiny platform, then duck again under pillar - jump off of moving platform onto rotating platform
⦁ Stay on rotating platfor until it reaches the right side then jump off twice to self moving platform then immediately jump up to next rotating platform - do a full buffer jump then jump up to the left to next self moving platform - you want to jump off to the left to rotating platform to skip a section - refer to clip to watch the strat (CLIP HERE: ) Jump up to right and then exit screen right after the ladder
⦁ Head to the right and walk off platform to the floor - jump over first pit and kill enemy in the air - jump over second pit and third pit - jump up and swing straight up to kill enemies before jumping up stairs and exit screen right

⦁ After cutscene you are in jail - after dialogue the door opens - head down through door and screen transition below -- Jump down and to the right - jump kill any enemies along the way - exit screen at the bottom -- Head right and then up through screen transition -- Head right jump up and right then head up through locked door -- talk to guy at shop then leave(?)
⦁ Jump down and to the left then exit down screen transition -- Head left then up through screen transition -- Head left jump up and left to top of screen jump kill any enemies along the way - exit screen at the top -- Go back through the cell door then attack the wall right where 2P icon and health is then transition up through the screen -- Head right past the bear
⦁ Head to the right attack the red ball obstacles in the way(4) then jump up - attack 4 more obstacles and keep heading right jump on top of roof - stay on roof jumping up when needed and over pits to stay on roof - stay on lower section of roof keep heading right then jump up to higher roof - jump off higher roof to lower roof - jump and attack off of lower roof to get to next roof - jump and kill sniper enemy onto high room then jump onto next roof - jump over the pit to the brown roof and jump up and kill the sniper - keep heading right watch for enemies jump over sniper at the end before he shoots! kill any other enemies that get in the way until you get off the roof
⦁ Kill any enemies on the ground and continue right - jump up long ramp section switch to coins before top - jump and shoot when you get to the top of the ramp to kill enemy ahead - CUTSCENE SKIP - Full jump at top of ramp then full jump over the girl to avoid talking to her then full jump off of the table - continue to the right down the ramp
⦁ Jump and kill any enemies in the way as you continue right - jump onto ladder jump up the ladder to go faster - wait until sniper enemy clears to the left then continue to jump go up ladder on right side - break the pot and collect what's inside then jump onto the cloud to the right side
⦁ Jump up the clouds as seen in the clip here:
⦁ Wait at the top of ladder until the ledge is clear - kill both enemies then enter the door to the final fight section of the run
⦁ Final Boss fight - Start with $190 coins - use coins to throw at the arrows in the first phase - try to get 2 arrows at a time - shoot one coin at the bottom to keep the boss on the right side of the screen -- Second phase throw coins to do damage - switch to staff if you run out of coins.


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