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Hey! All current runs have been retimed using https:/​/​github.​com/​Slush0Puppy/​retime

I was head beta tester of this tool. It is the most accurate retiming method I've seen on speedrun.com. We would love if you used it while retiming runs!

If you have any timing disputes, please let me know! All retiming info is located in the comments of each run.

Edit: @BattleMasterBattleMaster brought up that Leap Day now has an in-game timer. All runs using an updated version of the game will be based on IGT. The earlier runs on the leaderboard without IGT will use Slush's Retimer.

Edit (August 2019): All RTA runs using an old version of the game have been retimed using the new start time rules. Instead of starting time on level select, we start time on the first hop frame. This matches when IGT starts.