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New Naz'jar strats with Flame Ward:

You'll be able to draw Flame Ward within turn 3 most of the time, with Ancient Mysteries & Arcanologist.

Early game minions are to help reducing the health of any enemy minion with >3 health, so it'll die to the Flame Ward.

In mulligan, I'll aggresively look for one of the six secret cards. If I have one already, I'll keep any other early game cards.

Got around 70% winrate in my testing so far, significantly better than the old hunter deck. Almost all of my wins are due to Flame Ward, while most of my losses are due to not drawing Flame Ward on time. Fight usually takes around 3.5 minutes.

Some of the tech options could be tweaked around, such as changing the amount of early or late game cards in this deck.


Steel Sentinel with Mechathun Warlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​WJMSCdw

A faster, easier and more consistent way of beating Steel Sentinel compared to the Majordomo & Treachery trick. All you have to do is just stall and draw cards as fast as possible until you're fatigued.

I added 2x Bloodbloom and Hemet Jungle Hunter to have a chance of even faster games, if I happen to draw the Hemet and one Bloodbloom early.


Rafaam with Mage: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​Oqhn0v8
(Note, my recent 54:36 PB is still using a worse list with 'Cant Attack' minions)

I decided to try out Mage because playing around Rafaam 1 fight with Warlock recently gave me quite a lot of losses. Mage's hero power gives more early defense, and the Raven Idol spell discover tend to give decent spells as well.

Slight advantage of being able to use Research Project and Spirit of the Dragonhawk as well.

Made some discoveries about this boss's AI when testing this boss:
- AI seldom plays the 'Can't Attack' minions, which makes it a bad decision to put these minions in his deck. Exception applies to Eerie Statue and Unpowered Mauler, which the AI likes to play.
When I tried to replace the 'Can't Attack' minions with other 0-attack minions, AI used my cards more often than his portal cards, which makes it easier to get a quick fight where AI filled his board with useless minions.
- AI seems to think that Eerie Statue as a high-priority target. Had a situation where AI use his 8/8 minion to kill my Eerie Statue instead of hitting face (when I have 18 HP left), or another situation where AI used his Aldor Peacekeeper on my Eerie Statue instead of my 7/4 Ancient Shade.
This correlates with AI's behaviour who liked to play their Eerie Statue, probably thinking it's a good card.
- I never saw AI played Arcane Watcher, Nat Pagle and Summoning Stone somehow.