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Hey i wanna try to Speedrun this game.
is there any option to skip cutscenes?


You are allowed to use the "n0cut5" cheat code before runs to be able to skip cutscenes on the pc version of the game.

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how do i activate this?

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go to the cheat codes menu and put in "n0cut5"
the menu should be in extras

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i have to enter 7 letters/numbers 😮
but all the codes i saw were 6


and something that wasn't mentioned yet here, you can do this in another save file and you will be able to skip cutscenes until you restart the game

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how do i make it blank (sorry im stupid)


If it's on "A"; Press down on your stick, d-pad or whatever the input is and it will be blank.
Otherwise just scroll up or down on the list until you get the blank which will be before "A" and after "0", if you think of the order while pressing up as going through the alphabet and numbers, while pressing down does it backwards.

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