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Ok so I did a casual playthrough of the portable Switch version and my initial reaction was that its not good at all. The Switch screen is great and look better then the 720p it has but the game has so much frames drops it affects the overall play quality.

Also they seem to have fixed many of the speedrun skips like the jump up to the cottage in the mine and the jetpack skip in "Breaking and Reentering (they changed the names of the missions in the remaster)".

It was great playing through the game with cut scenes which is someting you miss when you speedrun and it really is a great game and I hope there will be more interest now that its available on many platforms.

It will be interesting to see how LEGOCity Undercover speedrunning will evolve in the near future. I plan on getting the WiiU world record back soon when I have time to dedicate to it. Maybe we will see a few more runners playing on PS4 and Xbone 🙂


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