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Many people thought Kung Fool was the Fastest brick grind method, well it is not. In the Last room of Dirty Work, have the Invincibility extra on and super safe crack extra on. Then blow up statue to break the fence door thing, punch the chair in the way and grab one enemy and let ChaseMcCain automatically let it go near the safe (MAKE SURE TO DO THIS TRICK WITH THE RIGHT SIDE SAFE FIRST) when Chase lets go of the enemy, quickly attempt to open the safe and if you did it quick, the enemy could start punching you. If the enemy punches you then time opening the safe right before he punches you, do that and turn invincibility off during the safe opening animation.

(Note: have super safe crack extra turned off)

and Chase will get punched, it cancels out the animation when he opens the safe and the reason you need to do this is because the super brick spawns where chase stands, do the same trick with the second safe then when two super bricks are sitting there, grab the cleaner vehicle and ram all the red chain object things to get the 5x multiplier. With the x5 multiplier quickly grab the 2 large bricks and you got 200,000 bricks!

This is the fastest way as this is a few minutes faster than getting 200,000 bricks in Kung Fool, hope this helps with people getting bricks. A video of this trick is coming soon.

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