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Okay, I was trying to do Menno's skip in Dirty Work. It's very difficult, and I'm not getting much progress of doing it over and over. Then I did this and it worked.

I didn't think it would work, but it did. It is a little tricky, but I can pull it off most of the time after a few attempts.


when i tried the smash 'n' grab skip, i found it much easier to climb up via the left side than directly or the right side:

Edit: @Menno: you could submit your run as any% wr too. 😃


Is there a faster way of walking around? I noticed that in Zeddys' runs that he would constantly jump and switch characters. Does that make you move faster?


No idea. I imagine that it might be a hair faster, but it is likely not going to be enough to consider it mandatory.

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I found a spot to use the extended chicken glide, it does not a lot of time but it's something


how tf do you do that


The extended chicken glide is an abuse of switching characters and immediately jumping as the farmer to allow for glides that are longer and father than normal. It is quite tricky to pull off, but some cool strats have been found using it already, with a few saving loads of time. I have a video showing off how to do it if you are interested.