Potential New Speedrun Category?
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Potential New Speedrun Category?

I thought of a new Speedrun category that could work out. I call it LEGOCity%. Basically, you get to the other half of LEGO City with the fastest glitch strategies early in the game.

Note: that fort meadows does not count as “other half of the city”

The run starts when you enter the file before the loading screen like most normal runs and ends when you touch any type of ground behind the Heritage Bridge Barricades or when you touch any type of ground behind the Draw-Blackwell Bridge such as Uptown or behind the Draw-Blackwell Bridge itself.

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Ohio, USA

Idk, a run of just going to a point on the map is pretty arbitrary

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New Hampshire, USA

I agree with TrenttheN642, this seems more like a thing you see in glitch exhibitions for games instead of an actual speedrun category.

It could be a more fitting category if LCU had category extensions, and not one that should be shared with the traditional Any% and 100% categories. But, I don't really see that happening anytime soon.