Any% in 1h 04m 23s by ZebrazillaZebrazilla - 14th place

Finally a time that is sub 1 hour and 5 minutes! 14 minutes and 50 seconds better than my previous PB : 3 Despite the mistakes here and there, especially at the blue card clear lake skip, I am overall very happy about this run!

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Name Duration Finished at
Escape from Citadel 6m 03s 000ms 6m 03s
Fisherman's Boat 7m 03s 000ms 13m 07s
Bú and Horn 7m 26s 000ms 20m 33s
Red Card and Flute 4m 00s 000ms 24m 34s
Hamalayi Pipe Trick 11m 55s 000ms 36m 29s
Sword and Guitar 8m 15s 000ms 44m 44s
Disrupt the Telepods 4m 10s 000ms 48m 55s
Dino-Fly Scenic Route 3m 17s 000ms 52m 12s
Raze the Fortress 5m 53s 000ms 58m 06s
Heading to Rocky Peak 4m 02s 000ms 1h 02m 08s
End of Tyranny 2m 14s 000ms 1h 04m 23s
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