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To fit with series-wide standards:

Any% NG+ should become Replay Story (No Extras).

Any% NG++ should become Replay Story (Extras).

Freeplay should be added.

Any% and 100% remain the same.

  Super ModPrnced

Any% NG+ has been renamed as suggested. Any% NG++ has been renamed to Replay Story.
As for Free Play, I don't know enough about the game to set rules for it. I'd be happy to take any rule suggestions. A few of the typical rules that could probably apply are:
- Complete all levels in free play mode.
- Time starts when you gain control of your character in the first level of the run.
- Time ends when you lose control of your character (or at the level complete screen?) in the last level.
- All red bricks are allowed.
Let me know if any of these rules need changing/rewording, or if more rules need to be added.