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For the past couple days I have been watching TGH do couple really cool 100% no restrictions runs, see, e.g.

A few questions:

1) Do any of you know the history of this run? I would be very interested to know it.

2) Are there good resources available for this run, such as old versions of this run, or a cache of information about physics in the doghouse? I am already aware of the following wonderful maps:

3) Are there plans to include this run in the miscellaneous category?

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This category/route is actually pretty recent. It was created and routed by VelaToget. It's only like a month or two old now.

If you want to see more stuff for this run, like older stuff, you could probably check out Vela's twitch at

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Hey Dmonye.

I have since improved upon the route you see TGH doing a little bit (maybe only like 25-30 seconds of time save). I am doing runs of this again so you can feel free to check out the improvements and I hope to make a tutorial as well.

As far as history goes... I had this route bouncing around my head for 3 years, and people told me I couldn't do it because of an issue entering the DH causes with one of the photographs. I found a work around for this issue and some free time, then grinded out about a week or two of non-stop routing. There isn't much history behind the run itself, the glitches used however... well, that starts at the release of LA back in the early 90's haha.

Anyway, once I get a good enough time (sub 40) I'll be submitting to the leader boards in hopes my run is accepted. It will definitely end up in the misc category, unless enough people took it seriously- and even then probably wont ever go main 🙂

Any questions, feel free to ask me in the LADX discord, here, or on twitch.

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Thanks, Disclude and Vela! Seems like a really fun run, something I'd like to learn eventually. I never owned the DX version growing up, so pictures were never that important to me... 😃 Glad you found a workaround and took the time to route it. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.


for anyone new who stumbles in here, here's what the run looks like. Planning a tutorial in time.