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Originally posted by CrayonsThat such short loading times, are you using an SSD? That sounds insane, that would chop a good 40 seconds off my solo runs o.o

Yup, two (pretty fast) 128gb SSD's that were handed down from my father are raided together for my main partition.

Originally posted by DarkosThe is the worst version ever so and atm i'm thinking about to do a IGT If it's possible

Hmm, why do you say it's the worst version, just because of the issues? It's going alright, although the menu crash is certainly annoying. I'd use or something if it comes without those issues but I'm not sure what the differences between them are.

Also, I do find it odd myself that loading times are included in the run times since it can create a pretty big disparity between runners that has nothing to do with the skill of actually running the game. I have a bit of an advantage already with the SSD's I am running, and it really should be time without loads. I may create a new thread to foster a discussion on that, actually, if I can't find one that has already taken place.


Hello, please send the link to me 😃
Twitch is linked.


Originally posted by FruityEnLoopsHello, please send the link to me

Just sent it, hope to see you on the leaderboards soon!

If you don't see the message, make sure you check the "other" section in your messages, when I was initially sent the links it was detected as spam and sent there without notifying me.


Can someone send the link to me too?


Sent it to your Twitch Jonte, be sure to check your spam section if you don't see it in your inbox.

Hope to see some of you guys on the leaderboards, we need more entries!


I would certainly support it being in resources since the messaging thing is silly, especially when the version is absolutely vital for competing in any main individual runs or the main campaigns categories, but I have no idea how the policy of this site works in a case like this, so for the time being I guess I'll just be forwarding messages to people on Twitch.

Just sent it to you. Put some good times up!


It's not that it is an "unpatched version" that is the problem, more that it is an actual crack of the game. Other source games use things like Source Unpack, which depends on owning the actual game on steam to use the older versions, whereas this is something quite different.


EDIT: This actually all applies to version, not, but I'll leave it here since it's a decent retelling of what you can expect from

When I received I went through the major skips myself to see what was available, and unfortunately a lot of important stuff is patched out by that version. I would not recommend it for most stuff. I'm working from memory now on what is fixed like newest, so I might be a bit off on some, but things like...

Dark Carnival 3 coaster skip is the same as newest, which is still possible but much harder

The Parish 2 bus station skip is blocked, which is pretty significant

Dead Center 1 window skip, although the way to do it on newest isn't difficult, just a bit slower to set up

Dark Carnival 4 skip to the roof on the generator thing was fixed, I think... A common jump can still be used to skip there but it's usually slower and not as easy

The Parish 3 common jump over the fence before the sewers was fixed, I think, which is another decent skip

The Parish 4 might require activating the parade crescendo first to get rid of the clip for the common jump, but that one isn't too big a deal

Swamp Fever 1 jesus spot might have been covered with the boat? I think this was one that wasn't patched yet, actually

Hard Rain finale jesus spot on the table might have that box, don't remember, if it does you'd need to kill things normally, although I think this might be one of the few things that weren't fixed yet

Another thing to consider, which heavily weighed on me not using it for the most part, are the loading times. loading times in most cases are almost half of the newest version loads for me, but oddly loading times were considerably worse than newest in some cases.

The only thing I found so far to use the version for is Death Toll 4 to common jump over a truck to skip hitting the crescendo, that is patched in newest as far as I'm aware and the DLC campaigns are not available in It's possible to beat my current run without it, however, because the run was pretty awful.

Oh, you've sorted out that diskette thing you messaged me about, I assume? I don't recall seeing that message myself, but it should have been fine once it finished unpacking. As for the crashing, I do occasionally get a runtime error crash, usually a bit after a finale finishes, and it keeps me on edge a bit hoping it doesn't happen during a Main Campaigns run. Not sure if that's the crash you are getting, but just so you know it's not just on your end. To avoid crashing at the main menu once you finish the campaign, you can use the changelevel command to restart the campaign safely. Using the map command will crash since it restarts the server, so make sure it's changelevel.


As I recall is almost identical to, except for the Last Man On Earth mutation and The Passing being present, but you can find a list of differences between versions here:


Oops! I just realized I got my version numbers mixed up and everything I said up there actually applies to, sorry about that! I'll just edit it to make it clear which version I'm speaking of. Carry on, then.


Luckily that is very simple. You can launch a server using the map command while at the menu (like map c1m1_hotel), and then the other people connecting will need your IP and connect by using "connect <your IP here>". Note that the player hosting should need port 27015 open for the others to get in.

Questions are no problem, that's what the forums are for!


Left 4 Dead 2 version please. Twitch is linked

edit:i have


Hmm, do you mean you have now or

Either way I was working on sending you a message so I sent it out anyway in case or extra instructions were needed.


i had some files belonging to but couldn't do anything useful with them and probably need a copy of


Yeah, check out the message I sent to you on Twitch, then. It will get you started in installing from square one, no files or anything else necessary.


Yo, I'm a little interested in attempting to speedrun. Could somebody hit me up with
Edit: I've received a copy, and it works. Thanks. 😉


I somehow have still managed to not obtain
If anyone has a version of that works on linux please send me a message on twitch.