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Hey, its the guy who started the bhop script runs that I never attempted to go back to after being in second place...

Anyways, could someone help me about getting the version that is used in newer speedruns? (ver. 2.0.0.😎



yeah i'm gonna pm you that with twitch

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Thanks Darkos. Just send it when you get the time!


Could I possibly get it sent to me aswell?


Ended up being in spam on Twitch. I'm stupid.


just a heads up: tends to not work properly at all on windows 8 (not sure about 8.1) and crashes after the opening splash screens. i use and it has all the tricks does. i have a link if anyone needs it. just message me on twitch

also, there is a setting on twitch to get rid of the "other" folder in your messages and have all get sent directly to your inbox. it's dumb that it's enabled by default, but at least you can get rid of it


Can you send me too the Yashichi thx


My friend had the problem on w8 crashing after loading screen he fixed it by adding windows 7 compatibility mode on the shortcut on desktop.

If you have that problem try that fix.


sent 😉 also has an easier Mall map than; in the official update list was the note "Mall: Tuned spawning for difficulty." and let me tell you, it is significantly easier


I do a list of the major fix from 2.0.08 to

The Parish Waterfront: Fixed various navigation areas.

Dark Carnival Fair Ground: added navigation area that was missing

Improved SurvivorBot AI in cases where the bots refused to shoot through their teammates and became non-responsive.

Fixed exploit in C5M2 where players could jump through a gap in the fence

Blocked a map exploit at the start of The Passing

New mutation: Last Man On Earth

Exposed client console variable cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor to let players adjust their viewmodel FOV

Fixed condition where SurvivorBots would not enter the saferoom

SurvivorBots now stay closer to human players in all game modes

Changed Survivorbot item hunting behavior

Improved SurvivorBot's ability to support players who stop moving to fight infected.

Improved SurvivorBot’s ability to support players in tight spaces.

So when you need to get bot with you on the second map of hard rain it's gonna be more easier i think


I could not find the fixed exploit in C5M2, btw. I think it was referencing something for versus mode. All of the strats I saw being used in also work in for that map

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Can I also get a link for the version please. Much Appreciated!


I have if you want that version.


Hey there, I may try out solo runs and will need Can anybody hook a Master up with that?


I'm PM'ing you on twitch right now @TheMaster


Originally posted by BiggieBenI'm PM'ing you on twitch right now @TheMaster

Thanks! I have it up and running now. When I first went in-game there were some odd audio issues, there was a corrupted white noise sound on certain effects such as cracking legs from a high fall and when I killed bots, and I could tell bass was not what it should have been. I ran snd_updateaudiocache and it seems to have solved it.

It is crashing after going in-game and and then returning to the main menu, but that isn't a big deal since I have yet to find a crash while in-game and probably won't need to return to the main menu anyway.

Finally, after having run the older version and then attempting to run the newest off of my Steam library, it closed the game when getting to the menu with an error that stated Steam needed to be running to start the game. A restart of Steam solved that.

Figured I'd list a few problems I worked through in case anybody comes by with something similar, especially for the audio issue.


By the way, are the loading times in known to be ridiculous?

Oh, no, I don't mean ridiculously long... I mean ridiculously short. I had already taken measurements of my Dead Center loading times on the newest version to compare differences across different settings and local server to dedicated servers.

My best loading times on the newest version launched via Steam are as follows, taken in order from Hotel onwards:

11.03, 6.90, 7.00, 6.26

Version has come out with these times, taken under the same circumstances...

8.03, 3.33, 3.73, 2.16

That's massive! I am almost loading Atrium in under 2 seconds! No complaints here but what is going on?


That such short loading times, are you using an SSD? That sounds insane, that would chop a good 40 seconds off my solo runs o.o


Yeah all of this stuff is known.
Sound issues, crash on main menu, having to restart steam, and shorter loading times.


The is the worst version ever so and atm i'm thinking about to do a IGT If it's possible