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So far i have been looking for this bind i know it has something to do with z_difficulty and the difficulty like Easy but what can i put it too? so far it won't work for my f6 and o key.


Not sure why it's not working on those keys for you. I personally use v for it. Here's my bind if you want an example

bind v "Vote Yes; callvote changedifficulty Impossible; callvote changedifficulty Easy"

That bind will vote easy if you're currently on expert, or vote expert if you're currently on easy.

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FYI the L4D2 section has a lot more activity, resources, guides, etc.

Edit: There is a link in the sentence above, and wow links are hard to see on this site.


Welcome to the community, jabba!

Indeed, the L4D2 section as barely visibly linked above has many resources including a script for voting difficulty, although it is very easy to bind it yourself without it to whatever key you'd like. I should probably port some of the guides and resources over here.

Firstly, two of the difficulties are named differently internally than what you see them as for some reason. When binding to change difficulty, it is "Easy" for Easy, "Normal" for Normal, "Hard" for Advanced, and "Impossible" for Expert.

There are two ways to change it. One is the way you mentioned, for example, "z_difficulty Impossible" will change the server difficulty immediately to Expert, but you need to be hosting the server to do this and it isn't an allowed command to use during a run (I use it only for resets).

The other way is by voting difficulty, which is the accepted way we handle changing difficulty and campaigns. The command is "callvote changedifficulty Easy/Normal/Hard/Impossible" choosing whichever difficulty you'd like. Be sure to capitalize the first letter in each difficulty name, if you don't do so the vote that pops up will display an error of "%s1" instead of the actual difficulty name.

You can copy/paste what MrFailzz wrote and change the key after bind to whatever you want to use. I have a toggle like that myself. Or you can split it and put different callvotes on different keys if you want to always have one call a specific difficulty. That is up to you.

I'm not sure why binding to certain keys wouldn't be working. Perhaps it was an error in how you were writing the binding out? See how using MrFailzz's recommendation works out and feel free to report back if it still isn't working.

Also note that the leaderboards here are under renovation and still require rules, guides, resources, and the times currently submitted need updating. I just got control recently and am gearing up for AGDQ 2017 so I haven't gotten to ironing it all out just yet. If you submit anything, we are going to use the loadless timing method as seen on the L4D2 leaderboards, so for now you can refer to the rules and guide there to learn more about how runs will be timed once I get that finalized over here.


Wow thank you guys so much at first i thought no one saw this since it never appeared in my notifications but thanks now i can fail at speedrunning this get a PB and never get a new one cause i suck 🙂 thank you all!