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Hi all,

I did finish a run on the Amiga for Book One.
Due to that is the floppy version of the game, it is different to the CD-ROM version.

- Most annoying is that you cant (or I dont know how) skip the text in the cutscenes, this adds a lot of minutes to the run.
- The walking speed seems to be much faster
- There are loading times between the screen transitions
- The Cave Section is different, iirc there is a fireberry bush missing so you can only reach the river of lava as a wisp
You can check out the map here:

So I just wanted to ask how we go on with the floppy version?
- Same Leaderboard ?
- New Category on the Leaderboard ?
- New Game added to the Kyrandia-Series ?

You can check out my run here:

So what do you think?

Cheers and Thanks