(0.1) Microsoft Framework 4.8

Install this before anything else (external link)

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(0.2) DirectX End-User Runtime (external link)

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(0.3) Visual C++

Extract the files anywhere on your system and install both programs (direct download)

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(0.4) 7-Zip

A free Zip/Archiving program that is just as good as it's competitors (external link)

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(1) Emulator (PSCX2)

The standalone installer for PSCX2, the program we run Kya: Dark Lineage on. This will be the first major file you will need to download. (direct download)

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(2) GSdx settings

(If you downloaded PSCX2 from the resource above, skip this) Replace the file in "PCSX2 1.4.0\Shaders" with this file. It is Highly recommended to have this settings file instead of the original for best visual and performance wise compatibility. (direct download)

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(US) 100% save file

If you are running the game from the emulator, download this and unarchive it into your memcards folder located in documents. It is a 100% save file of the game, so you can do testing and all of the 7 minigame runs (direct download)

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(US) Any% Practice / SStates

9 SStates for any% practice on the US (NTSC) copy of the game (external link)

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Kya any% - Clean splits

Clean splits for Kya Any% (direct download)

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Kya Any% Splits

(direct download)

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Kya Runes% - Clean splits

Clean splits for Kya runes% (direct download)

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PSCX2 Hardware Configurations

The current optimal settings for PSCX2 Hardware Mode for running Kya Dark Lineage (external link)

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PSCX2 Hardware Configurations (Low Specs)

PSCX2 Hardware settings for computers with under-performing CPU's or GPU's. Such as CPU's below or equal to a Quad Core 3.4GHZ or anything below a Radeon HD 6700 1GB (external link)

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