Evercade as a platform for both KUBO 1 & 2, and KUBO 3
11 months ago
California, USA

KUBO 1 & 2 is an unlockable game on the Evercade VS and EXP systems.

KUBO 3 is on Evercade's Indie Heroes Collection 1 cartridge.

Can all 3 game pages be updated to show Evercade as a platform for them?



Sorry about the late response. SRC doesn't have any way to notify moderators when a forum post is made.

I've never heard of Evercade before so I will have to first confirm that playing on Evercade is identical to NES before adding it as an available console.


I did some digging and so far as I can tell the Evercade is an entirely separate system from the NES. It is extremely unlikely that the game performs identically to its NES counterpart.

Given the above I added a separate subcategory for choosing the platform to keep NES and Evercade runs isolated onto their own listings.


Note that the changes only apply to the first Kubo game leaderboard. I don't moderate Kubo 2 or Kubo 3.

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