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So since Kirby Fighters is getting more attention lately, I thought it would be a good idea to lay out some rules that I feel should be used for all of Kirby Fighter.
1 - In-game timer is used
2 - All runs require image proof
3 - Difficulty must be shown in the image/video proof


I have changed the rules

As an aside, is it ok if you put your image proofs on imgur? I just don't want any problem where if you decide to private your twitter account all your images are unavailable (plus it is a bit annoying having to go onto twitter to verify them)


I was misunderstanding. I'm sorry.

I want the image to be put in "Description" not "Video link", but this may be difficult to change.
If you can do it, you can tell from the leaderboard whether there is a movie in the record.


I don't think this is neccessary, and it would take some work

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