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So I've been thinking about this for the past few days now and I decided to now post this here for a bit of discussion about this. I believe that all Dedede Tour times that are under a hour long should now require video proof and here's why
1 - The catagory specifically asks for the run to be a single segment run however with no way of proving that it is a single segment run, someone like myself could just keep resetting levels until I get gold splits for the entire run and in the process achieving sub hour and post without anyone knowing it wasn't single segment as long as it isn't top 3
2 - Sub hour is a very strong time since only 5 people have achieved it and with such a strong time, video proof as a requirement can make it so nothing can happen that maybe suspicious when it comes to runs
3 - Going back to the single segment part, Dedede Tour is the only IGT catagory in this game that you can reset in some way (without using save states on a emulator which is of course banned) so requiring video proof simply makes it so no cheating can happen in the community
Hopefully I've gotten my point across and we can figure out what to do here to improve KTD as a speedgame


Don't Care

Single Segment barely matters anyway