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I know there isn't even a main story speedrun yet but I feel that there should also be individual level speedruns as well. When you enter a individual level speedrun you should be able to select which character you are using in one of three categories. NG where you start with no allies, NG+ where you can start the level when you already have allies, and Rainbow% where you get all the rainbow puzzle pieces, If any of the admins are reading this I hope you consider adding individual level speedruns and some of the categories listed above.

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i have a main story speed run of 3 hours and 50 mins


I'm not sure if there is going to be enough interest from people to actually go for IL speedruns right of the bat. If there are enough people interested and have done a couple, I might reconsider. There's still a lot to be figured out surrounding categories in the game, and what people want to run. Also how we want to make categories here, since it's very easy to make a very ugly leaderboard out of this game.


I know I'd run ILs the moment I beat the game myself before full runs, so make that a 1


And I'm #2, but for Worlds rather than levels. Whether you'll make both worlds and stages ILs or just the stages or just the world, any option is fine by me.


I want to run Guest Star, both Single player and Multiplayer.


You can run ils without creating a board


this is also a big reason why i'm very very very very very hesitant about making boards for ILs

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