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This run may sound stupid but in this run, it’s a Any% but with a twist, NO COPY ABILITIES ALOUD!!! Every single Ability is banned (even Crash, and Mike Ability) but the abilities that are not banned are the Super Abilities since you need it to beat Grand Doomer and Magolor (Phase 1). You can use 2+ Controllers but only use it for Kirbys since King Dedede is Hammer Ability, Meta Knight is Sword Ability, and Bandana Dee is Spear Ability.

Thanks for reading this. 🙂


Basically Low%? Sounds difficult, but I’d say it’s an interesting category idea. I’d give it a shot


Yes please make this a category, I would actually run this game since hoping that you get wing at the beginning would be a big pain


I would say my best recommendation is to first start running this category, then propose your runs for a leaderboard spot - if anything, this could give birth to a Category Extension leaderboard.

There have been one too many times where people have asked for a new category leaderboard, just for no runs to show up for it. Best way to ask for a new board is to get runs for it. Up to 5 runs would be optimal. It gives tangible proof that people are actually invested in the new category and to warrant a board spot.

You don't need a leaderboard to speedrun, I've done countless speedruns that don't have a board. But having multiple runs of the same category could be a great motivation to make a board.

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