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I've already decided to add Kirby Master once someone has done a run with video (I've done 2 runs but neither have any video proof)

Shiro has stated his interest so I'm bringing this up now

There is a problem with this though. After you beat the game, there is a cutscene followed by credits. For the credits, you can skip over them by going on the home menu and reseting, but the cutscene prevents you from doing that.

However, if you turn off the console and turn it back on, you can skip the cutscene, saving time. This is the problem, should we allow it?

How long turning off the console off and back on again depends on your console. A Wii would take a minute less than Wii U and thus would save 2 minutes over Wii U. And a hacked Wii U (which is what I have) would take even longer. (And if Switch VC is ever a thing it would save a lot more time)

I also just don't like the idea of saving time by turning your console off as opposed to something within the game. I'm personally against allowing it.

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I agree to ban the reset.
In my opinion, if there is a clear difference between hardware in a way that does not require skills, it's better to ban that way.
However, it seems to be a difficult problem to decide by few people.
It may be better to hear the opinions of the entire Kirby community.

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Which console you are using shouldn't be a major factor in what time you get. I vote in banning the console reset


Do you actually have to turn the console off? Does the reset button on the Wii not work?


Probably does, but Wii U doesn't have a reset button


I thought for a moment.
Regardless of whether resetting or not, differences will arise depending on the platform.
And Wii is more popular than WiiU.
For many people, I think that it is more convenient if the Wii is faster.
It may seem that some runners do not want to run the rules.

Whether or not to reset might be better to leave it to individual freedom.


In my opinion, I think that few people seriously run this category.
So, it may be better not to create strict rules.


"Wii is more popular than Wii U"
For Any% there are 15 runs on Wii and 15 on Wii U
For 100% There are 6 runs on Wii and 6 runs on Wii U
They're both even

So I think Making Wii U faster by 30 seconds would be more convenient than making Wii faster by 1.5 minutes

I think it is also more convenient if 1 version of the game is fastest, but this won't be a very seriously run category, so maybe it doesn't matter so much


That's limited to KRtDL.
Wii is easier to obtain.
But that is not important.

I decided to run without banning reset.
I don't know if I actually run.


I have a proposal, we could make a variable that tells you if the run reset the console or not, as I think it is important information if someone resets, but I agree banning may not be a good idea as competition would only be with 2 people (Shiro and I)


We can skip Extra Mode Ending Cutscene by + button.
I estimate Wii U is 50 seconds slower than Wii by resetting.
Considering the load, there may be little difference between Wii and Wii U.

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Timing starts on Main Mode selects and ends on "Kirby Master!" cutscene appears.
I do six resets in this category.
If there is a problem, please point out now.
I'm going to run still.


There is no problem
I have made the category now!

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