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I was wondering if we could add a seperate section - could just be called "other", no need to have a billion clickable seperate links - for runs that aren't nifflas levels or expansion pack levels. There are some I'm working on and competition is just as valuable for those as anything else


The only difficulty I see with this is if people end up submitting different versions of the levels... the way it is now it's a bit difficult with everything being dumped on instead of being arranged on the forums like they used to


I'll be honest here. In my opinion there are too many Knytt Levels for it to be worth it to have them on

If there's one that gets competition or is noteworthy (Don't Eat the Mushroom being the best Example), then it can be added.

But for now I don't think it's worth the time and effort to add any knytt level that someone does a speedrun off to the leaderboards. Sorry.

Maybe Abex + Mobiusman feel differently, but that's how I feel.


Like VB said, there are SO many Knytt Story levels that you can run, and the bonus levels from Nifflas come separately that you have to download.

ALTHOUGH, I think I have a best-of-both-worlds solution.

What if we put all of the Nifflas levels into the Level Leaderboard, in a similar fashion to ? So you'd have The Machine, with its 3 categories, then This Level is Unfinished with Any% Easy and Hard, etc. and for any level not listed in the Knytt Stories page ( ) get put in ROM Hack (i.e. Don't Eat The Mushroom)?

Of course, if we were gonna go with that change, we'd need to create those Level Leaderboards, migrate each and every record to those levels, and delete the ROM Hacks (except DETM of course) to clear it up, and I can't even do the latter (I think) because I'm a regular mod.

Edit: Although to be fair, the majority of the records that needs to be moved would be mine, so I could go ahead and do that right now if needed.


The Machine and all of it's categories are the main speedruns of Knytt Stories. When you download the game the only thing you have (other than the tutorial) is The Machine. The Machine should NOT be in the levels leaderboard, it should be the main leaderboards with everything else on either level leaderboards or "romhack" leaderboards. This is the most important thing I think I can say.

In my opinion, we should put the Nifflas levels in the levels leaderboard like Abex suggested, but then leave the romhacks section to levels that get competitive or noteworthy.

If you want to run other Knytt Levels, that's fine, but I don't think they belong on these leaderboards if only 1 person (or ever 2) is running them.


Slightly tempted to put in the Tutorial as well for the hell of it, but at the same time, it'd probably become the next Barney's Hide and Seek situation

I am fine with The Machine being as the "Full-Game Leaderboard", though!


So you guys are saying:

• the machine as "fullgame" runs
• other nifflas levels as ILs
• other levels as romhacks

I am fine with this arrangement. Not sure exactly which levels theunoriginalname wants on the board but I would be fine with anyone submitting whatever to romhacks (as long as it's not like 100 different levels)


Thinking about it, it isn't that big of a deal to add a game as a romhack, I'd be happy to add any level that you're doing speedruns of.

So it looks like it's been decided that the other Nifflas Levels will be moved to ILs (which I can do), and that any fanmade levels will be put into romhacks.

The only thing I want to say is that I don't think we should add a romhack for something that you want to run like, once, and then be done with. If we want to add something to the leaderboards it should be something that you're working on, not just a one time "speedrun".

But yeah, I'm happy with this change.


I just sort of feel like expansion pack levels are also "official levels", because they're official expansions. (And the levels that are in the expansions tend to be of a good quality iirc) Otherwise I mean yeah, I'm fine with all of the suggestions in the thread, it's not a huge deal at all. When I get runs that aren't garbage I'll certainly submit them and if anyone cares they can try to beat my time and make me a sad individual :^)