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I have made Meta Knightmare a sub category for both Any% and 100%. This will make the leaderboard a lot less crowded. No runs have been lost. Feedback is appreciated, let me know how you think it looks!


I personally think that having 3 rows with misc categories + needing to fill out another value is a bit more confusing than simple categories

However, the real problem with the variable is that you're getting told to check your 100% screen after Nightmare now. MKnidl actually ends after DeDeDe without a 100% screen


Variable rule is fixed. Otherwise, we could see what others think of the extra row. Filling out the other value will not be confusing.


the "world record is XX:XX" on any% livesplit is showing the WR for meta knightmare and not Kirby any%


I was the one who changed it "back" to what it was before. There were two things that were addressed:

-Meta Knightmare being split from the main mode
-MK 100% moved to miscellaneous.

For the first point, Meta Knightmare is distinct from the main mode, even though they're playing through the same levels. Some major differences include use of in-game time, not fighting Nightmare, no goal games, and not being able to save. In my opinion, having both Kirby and Meta Knight as two tabs underneath the category names on the leaderboards suggests that these two modes are pretty much identical except for character choice.

I asked some MK runners on their thoughts about MK 100%, and while some of them liked the category, I think the general concensus was that the category is arbitrary and difficult to check (see, e.g., the status of All Items in KDL1). I spoke to neskamikaze a long time ago about the category, and he said that the reason he ran 100% was just because of the healing, and that any% was the real category. After defeating Dedede, the game doesn't give you a 100% screen like in the main mode, and you can't go back to the level select rooms to check the door colors. For this reason, MK runs are just "Meta Knightmare" and not "Meta Knightmare any%," following the convention of other games (see KDL1 again) where it's just called "Beat the Game."

Like Zelgan said, this also fixes the default livesplit WR text. E.g. if you just specified "Any%" it would give you the MK record, but in order to get it to show the main mode record, you needed to set a variable. This is a really minor benefit, though.