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Hello, I really think we should allow for the player to aquire the abilities but not actually use them as a "power". One really good example of a benefit are the Mid-bosses. You can easily get a double star by quickly ejecting your power and sucking two things at once. This would not only save time, but add some sense of skill to the game while eliminating some of the more annoying RNG when it comes to boss patterns/cycles. I have a video demonstrating to better get my idea across:

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I'm against the idea, but willing to hear out other opinions. I quite liked the concept of just ejecting the sword before 7-1 and having it be all over with. It is called powerless for a reason.


Even if they're actually called "abilities" :'D


A N Y % N C A

let’s not upset kinnin now. Keepo

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Count as ability!