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I'm hosting an Air Grind tournament.
The entrants so far are Kirby, Surfing Pikachu, and Sonic.
We need more entrants, so we can pitch this to ESPN!

Is there grinding action in Air Ride? It looks like Kirby Kart, from what little I've seen, and it's not side-scrolling. A stand-alone Air Grind could have been cool on GBA, maybe even better on 3DS.


I really don't know for sure, but there might be a chance that this minigame is based on randomness (how long the tracks are). I might look into it


Air Grind is not considered as a speedrun (rather a score for an insignificant minigame) and therefore it won't be added. However, there are already other websites that have a leaderboard for Air Grind (e.g. Cyberscore). Submit your times there instead.

Mugg, I think this minigame has some randomness (different lenghts and places for the spikes) if I remember correctly.