Meta Knight Movement

By WallyyyWallyyy. Last updated

Ground Movement
You can maintain your dash after jumping so long as you continue to hold forward in the air and as you land.
Slashing in the air will cause you to lose your dash as you land even if you continue holding forward.
However, by pressing forward as you land and continuing to hold it, you can maintain your dash. Note that you only need to press forward a single time as you land instead of twice (as you would need to when initiating a dash).

Air Movement
Pressing A while in the air allows Meta Knight to flap his wings to fly upwards but falls almost right away. This flap can be repeated to stay in the air indefinitely, although it should be noted that you move slower by doing this than dashing on ground.
By flapping and quickly cancelling into a slash, you can keep horizontal momentum for a brief moment instead of immediately starting to fall. This puts you slightly more forward when landing (as pictured below) and can be used to travel in the air faster. Keep in mind that although this is more efficient for air movement, dashing on ground is still faster.

I created a google doc containing these notes with the same format using the animated gifs and pictures here:
Feel free to link the guide wherever you need. If there's anything incorrect or unclear, don't hesitate to let me know.