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A category of NG+ with crystals Knack enable would be a fastest way to finish the game and it will be more interest and less tiring to run. I was playing this way few days ago and it's so insane to create faster ways and tactics to which crystal Knack use in some parts of the game.


I can see this happening, don't know which version would be best throughout the run though


I have many skips for you guys. Will be uploading soon.


Here is the playlist. I haven't categorized these because it would take too long, but any serious runner will know exactly where these are taking place. It's up to you to research these videos and apply them.

So, what's happening here is a glitch that results in a slightly higher jump. You do this by inputting the blade kick command (triangle+circle) at a specific point in Speedy Knack's shockwave move. It's hard to say exactly when so just try it until you get a feel for it. It can get annoying though because it requires sunstones to use.

There are a few places I ran out of sunstone energy but there weren't huge shortcuts and couldn't be bothered replaying a whole level. There could also be other points I didn't check. Some places cause the game to screw up like this one part where you could skip a few rooms and fights, but can't because when you get up to the higher room, the crate of metal won't attach to Knack unless you enter that room the proper way. Thankfully only 2 or 3 instances were like this. Also, in a few of these videos, I've already cleared out enemies (or at least thinned them out) because they get annoying.

I don't actually run this game because it's too long, I just study mechanics and discover tech. Hopefully these will be useful.

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Went back and recorded the ones I missed when I ran out of energy. Will upload tomorrow. Also check my playlists for another Knack 2 one which has some shortcuts for default Knack.


You won't believe what I found today.
Infinite high speed dashing. This is IT.


It should be possible to reach around 2hours 20 with these glitches, 55 is not enough.


The main problem is not really being able to get oob in a lot of places (and often times you can't do anything once you are oob), so you are restricted by the level design. The only real skip I know that is a big time saver at the moment (and not used in my run) is the 6-2 gate skip, which as far as I'm aware is either rng or unreliable at best. I'm not saying my run is perfect, far from it, but with the skips/tricks known so far I don't believe -35min is possible. You also shouldn't look at RTA, because of the amount of load times (I play on the first PS4 model) you have compared to Knack 1, and we only use RTA there, because no one knows how the game measures IGT.


I can reach your time WITHOUT glitches , i am turokfinal, the best scorer which i didn't check recently(the Xander level allow infinite farming). You should be calling for proof, what is this gibberish ?So many things to say, a vidéo from me would be better,i won't promise that.