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This is a thread meant to determine a course of action based on the answers of the community about this question.

I will leave this "open" for one week until the 14th of August, at 23:59 UTC+01:00 Paris, where the changes will be applied (Most likely by Harutomo but we'll see later).

Anyways, I don't speedrun this game nor know a lot about PS2 emulation, so this opinion isn't very relevant.
But PS2 emulation fundamentally doesn't look to be accurate enough to be properly comparable to real console. And its restricted accessibility doesn't help it being used in the first place, so is it all that necessary to allow room for it ? Don't really know.


Definitely shouldn't be allowed.


It looks like all of the the discussion we've had about this subject exclusively happened on the Discord server, and as of right now there does not seem to be a strong consensus (I would see so personally) despite the amount of people who participated. Maybe you could help change the balance there, sorry for this bother.

Also, if it is ever needed we could extend the time-limit, as one week may be too short for such a indecisive subject.


I don't think PS2 emulation is even accurate. I don't know of any other serious PS2 leaderboards that allow it either. I don't really feel like getting into a discord conversation about it but that's pretty much all I have to say.

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I'll just do my end rant here.

As Squid said, there's no other decently populated PS2 leaderboard that allows emulators for a reason. They're hard to get running, heavily depend on your computer's power to run properly, and they're most of the time not accurate.
This is already pretty restrictive and doesn't really work as an accessible option to run this game on (I don't understand why people try to put this as a reason to defend PS2 emulation in the first place), but even if you can make this game run fine on emulator the biggest problem is the shorter loading times, which would make emulator the "fastest" way to run this and isn't fair for anybody else in the leaderboard right now.

I'm 100% against PS2 emulation. No platform should be allowed that ends up faster than official hardware. If it somehow ends up being allowed, I think hiding emulator runs by default should be the way to go. We've had enough category discussion in the past and I don't think we should go through the same again.

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I personally think that this game should not allow emulator runs.
So I agree with the negative opinions of other emulators. In addition, if you talk more realistically, there is a problem that Popka's category becomes extremely simple and easy if you key bind for second player controller buttons to 1 player controller.

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Very well... While this time the consensus doesn't encompass everyone's minds, it is easier to see how important in size the sides are. Looks like the one favorable to the ban of emulation is the biggest, so in that direction we shall go. Thanks everyone.
Harutomo knows what to do next (Though it's really just a box check).

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