Any% in 14m 58s by IcKYIcKY - 5th place

Played on Nintendo Entertainment System [USA] on

Submitted by IcKYIcKY on

Verified by BarrylesjambesBarrylesjambes on


Name Duration Finished at
Witches' Forest 1m 52s 215ms 1m 52s
Cavern of No Return 2m 18s 980ms 4m 11s
Belzed's First Stronghold 1m 03s 809ms 5m 15s
Bottomless Crevasse 1m 12s 193ms 6m 27s
Aboard the Ship of Strife 1m 30s 121ms 7m 57s
Across the Swamps 1m 00s 694ms 8m 58s
A Long Way From Home 2m 18s 944ms 11m 16s
Belzed's Haunted Tower 3m 41s 935ms 14m 58s
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