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North Korea
  • Timing begins when you gain controll and ends when the cutscene appears.

  • Turbo/auto-fire is not allowed.

  • Runs without proper timing will be edited.

Submission rules :

  • Submissions must include a video.
  • Turbo is not allowed.
  • Save states may not be used to start a run (for example: to skip a long intro) or loaded at any point during a run.

Emulator specific rules:

  • Include emulator and version used in submission notes.
  • FCEUX, Nestopia and Bizhawk/NEShawk, Messen, Mednafen are acceptable emulators. Most of the others (like Jnes) are banned being known for their inaccuracy.
  • Recommended to use input display, frame counter and have “No Movie” showing to help prove legitimacy (provided that chosen emu has such features)
  • RAM and memory watch features are not allowed, as they provide an unfair advantage that is not possible on console.
  • Remapping buttons during a run is not allowed.
  • Mapping multiple buttons to one key is not allowed.
  • Rewind features not allowed.
  • Submitting a movie file or a recording of a movie file playing not allowed.

If someone disagrees with something, write here) UPDATED: 12.06.2022

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Pennsylvania, USA

Just saw this about the timing on start press. Thanks!

Пика смени и Category rules, там еще старые правила вроде как.

Pennsylvania, USA

Noticed that runs still have timing start on character control though, so I'll keep doing that. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers!

United States

I always split on character control, is my time wrong? I plan to run this again so I really need to know. Much love

North Korea

@Skunky48 @MaxisMozark sorry,i was wrong, start from controll, didnt saw any replies here xD you split correctly

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North Korea

@PakLomak все норм, наоборот сюды старые впихнул) старых правил вообще не существовало) я с нинзя котов все забрал сюды. а там со старта)

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