New Possible Category - Unchanging Equipment
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New Possible Category - Unchanging Equipment
Michigan, USA

So I'm pretty new to speed running games but I love giving myself extra challenges. My favorite to do is keeping the starting gear on without changing or adding items (keyblades, armor, accessories). Keeping only the kingdom key and nothing else on the party is something I did when the game got released on the PS4/Xbox. I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in a category where you don't change your equipment from start to finish and if it is even possible for something like this to be categorized. That's all, have a good one.


Casually when I got the pS4 releases the first thing I did was play proud mode loading saves whenever I died and never changing equipment so I could get all the trophies on a single game (after beating it just going back for the rest of the trophies on the completed file). This is also what the platinum trophy speedrunners do, albiet with skill in one sitting as opposed to me dying on half the bosses and taking a month just to learn how to get from Riku through the final boss sections.

I wonder what unchanging armour is like on beginner.

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