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Hi! I'm looking into speedrunning BbSFMHD. I've been looking at various routes and videos, and I had a question.

In terms of the All Stories (Beginner) Any% Category, I noticed that no one gets the Xehanort Report in Terra's story (number 5, the Mirage Arena one). I'm not completely familiar with BbS, but I believe you need all the reports to unlock the Final Episode? I was just wondering if perhaps you're allowed a save file with the 5th report to avoid getting it in Terra's run, cause that's what it so far appears to me.

I'm looking forward to trying this run out. (As well as possibly trying an arbitrary co-op run with a friend of mine, where we trade off stories.) I'd just like to know the specifics on that one issue.


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a BbS runner, nor have I even finished the game, so please verify this info with an actual runner (I recommend SilverGU001 or SonicShadowSilver2, both of whom can be reached on twitter).

I believe the secret episode is only (legitimately) available on critical mode, so beginner all stories does not include it.


I know the Secret Episode isn't a Beginner All Stories thing, but I'm actually talking about the Final Episode. This is the episode unlocked after completing the first 3 stories (Ventus, Aqua, and Terra). I believe that you need the Xehanort Reports in addition to beating the three stories to unlock it, and I was wondering about if Report 5 is needed at all during the run. But thank you very much about the twitter thing! I'll tweet them and confirm.


Hey there! For beginner you need to collect the reports to unlock the final episode and you would have to collect report number 5 during the run. Hope to see you doing BBS runs soon! If you have any questions about BBS running, I am a very active runner of the game, so feel free to ask me anything.


From having formerly run it (and planning to run it again), you have two options:

1. Collect the reports during the run, which is allowed, but might (?) be slower. The reason I say might is that doing this also allows you to remove some cutscenes from the runs, which may make it break even.


2. Collect the reports before the run, have the saves made in advance, and create the final episode save after beating the Aqua run. This may (again (?)) be faster since you skip going to Mirage Arena as Terra and doing the other reports from unnecessary chests during the other stories, but you have extra cutscenes to deal with.

There's no problem with doing either way, and I'm not sure which is faster since neither has been fully tested, but at the moment those are the two options.

Good luck with the runs, and if you have any questions about BBS, like Nanner, I'm an active runner (currently on break due to school) and I've got a pretty good base of knowledge on the Beginner categories, especially Aqua, so feel free to ask!