Is it ok to submit a run w/o a timer on the screen if it’s streamed directly from the PS4 itself if the split info is provided? Just curious as sonicsilver’s WR for PS4 Aqua Crit/Lvl1 is only the game and the splits are not shown on screen


It's fine. This is because the PlayStation 4's streaming option could cause problems after you have streamed for an hour and some parts of your run/video could be missing. You have to make sure to show your In Game Time (after a final battle, just like in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories; there are still inputs left in the game where you have a few cutscenes you can skip) in case you want your run to be accepted. This has already been discussed on this thread.


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So would you say it’s better to just be safe and get a capture card rather than just stream it from the PS4 directly?


Streaming from the PS4 is prone to network issues especially if you’re doing it off of WiFi, and it’s not the best for recording either. Direct streaming is good for the short term though.

If you’re just planing on doing a few runs to see if you like it, I wouldn’t waste the money on a capture card. But if you plan on running a lot of games and want to customize your stream more then a capture card is a good investment.

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