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Hello guys,

I'm working hard on KHBBS, and i'm making my own routing inspirated by Sonicshadowsilver notes, and I mine (caus i don't know the historic of the aqua road) than I've found a little optimisation after radiant garden, you can see my road in the link below the post, I wanna know if anybody better than me can test that road to see if it's realy more fast than the actual road ;

It consist of :
- Doing deep space, after stitch battle, don't go to gantu fight but leave and come again to get ice cream

- Doing coloseum ice cream and 10 trials, buy after that ignitex3, esuna, heal and barrer

- Go to disneytown get Fabracadabra, , meld magnet and barrer to get second chance, ect... And add frabra x4, ignite x3 and healing barrer and magnet, then go to fruitball

- After fruitball, come back to deepspace and kill gantu with :
Fabra + frabra => Spellweaver x2
Gantu will be killed in aboutly 30/45 seconds with this methode

- Then finish coloseum and follow the road to finis the game

Link :

(time when the road change)

Sorry my English is not perfect, I hope that you can understand me, and thank you to read and test !
Have a nice day !

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Doing late Gantu has been a thing since the category started. It doesn't matter which way you do it on PS4, early Gantu was faster on PS3 due to loading times mostly.

They are about the same time on PS4.

Late Gantu is just more consistent in terms of Ice Cream but the fight itself isn't that consistent due to Stitch.


Okay ! I note that, i prefer to do gantu later, because i found him more safe with fabra