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Hey guys, I just started practicing this run and have gotten a mildly decent time (current PB is around 1:27), but I have a couple of questions on some fights that have been giving me some trouble

-Spirit of the magic mirror: my problem here is usually being unable to charge the finisher because he disappears too fast which makes the fight significantly longer. After I knock him down he gets up with one more hit needed for a full charge.

-Dragon: I can't seem to get this in one cycle; I get the second spellweaver but once it's charged she just flies away and I lose the charge

-Braig: every time I land swordbill, it brings him to half a bar or HP left and then he moves out of the attack and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here

Thanks in advance for any help!


It's been so long since I have ran this category, I dont remember some of things that could make the fights harder. For Braig though, if you are playing in 1080p then that could be why he is breaking out with you not doing much damage. For some reason, playing on 720p makes your swordbill do more damage. Another thing to note with swordbill, you only have to press and hold X. You dont have to mash X.


yeah, i've been just holding x but it'll take out 3 bars of hp and then he teleports out; i'll try it on 720p and see if that fixes it


With braig you're more-than-likely on 1080P resolution. You need to play in 720P or lower for swordbill to kill in that case. Magic Mirror is very pattern based, I'd recommend watching a bunch of runs to see what they do and for dragon if you watch the WR video his deck set-up with 2 blizzards makes the fight way more consistent. You just have to be really fast about it. Sorry I can't explain better but I hope this helps.

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Oh hey I have boss strat videos on my YouTube.


Spirit : for one cycle him I use :
Dash attack then I enter in the battle and spam command : sleep, ice, ice, poison, sliding dash and fire x (I don't remember the name in English) then you enter in spellweaver, immediately use a full combo on it, it project him far, do 2 step aboutly and use 2 hit, ice, a hit, poison, sleep and ice, then use spellweaver and be sure to get stick as near as you can and use 1 more hit to kill

For the dragon :
Go behind his pawn, use in this order :
Ice, ice, thunder, magnet, magnet, then you enter in spellweaver (sw), use ice barrage, and as quick as you can use ice, ice, thunder and SW, then repeat the cycle and you can get the early kill

For braig :
Be just carefull of his position and try to stay in the center of the area, when he lunch his spining random lasers, use swordbill, wait 0.5 sec and keep the X button pressed

I hope that I was good in my explications and that help you