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I feel like the fact that the loads in that scene vary and the time to select different characters varies should outweigh keeping it consistent with other games. No reason to start timing an "Aqua crit run" before selecting to play as Aqua, in my opinion.

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I agree with both nanner, rebel and timmi. It can be looked at as pointless since we are just timing a load screen and an animation and I feel it would look cleaner like rebel does.


Looking through it I am really not sure. I would be for starting it at character select except one question, how would old runs be affected?


They would be retimed. KHfan already volunteered to do a lot of the retiming.

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Alright then, I see no reason to stay with the current timing method, then.


Am I the only person who likes the current method where you start the timer after choosing "Yes" to skip the Tutorial to start new game? 😕


Originally posted by Sonicshadowsilver2Am I the only person who likes the current method where you start the timer after choosing "Yes" to skip the Tutorial to start new game? :/

No, as myself and a couple others have said you're not the only person who prefers the current timing method. But right now the clear majority seems to prefer character select. I mean if it were up to me there are a lot of things I'd want to change about BBS rules, but these decisions are and always should be community-based.

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so does that mean we are a go for changing the timing?

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So we should just change the timing right?


I mean, we waited for 2 weeks of silence to enact video proof in order to be sure everyone got a chance to voice their thoughts/concerns, but it's up to you all. I'd make sure to spread the forum post around if you haven't.


For the record I can help with re-timing runs.


I assume changing the timing is a go now considering this post was made before the RoD change and the RoD change has been made.


As of right now I don't think a definitive decision had been made (but it does look to be leaning one way). Unfortunately this discussion got swept aside when the RoD changes came up so this lost some traction in the meantime and hasn't been fully followed up on.

I'll bring it up in the morning to the mods and see if this can be revisited (before the topic gets completely forgotten about) to make sure that we decide on whether or not this change will be implemented.


Alright people, so it looks like runners are wanting to start the timing at character select. So this is from the leaderboard mods, timing from now on will start at character select. Have fun and good luck with your future runs!

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Just one more thing to add on to that - as a result of this all of the current runs will have to be re-timed, so given the amount of runs for these games, please give the mods some time to accomplish this.

Just don't want to see people responding here or making new threads tomorrow or something going "Do I have to update my own time or when will my time be updated?" or anything like that.


We're going to take care of the updating (mainly KHfan since he volunteered), but it also wouldn't hurt to update your own if you want to speed the process along. You should be able to edit any current PBs. I think we should also probably add a comment on any runs that start their timers at the old timing.


Alright so since we're doing the new timing I'll just go ahead and do another run with new timing and pb, since my time is so terrible and I wouldn't want anyone retiming that